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The Fare That Values You

No matter where you’re flying, you deserve to take the journey that works best for you. At Wataniya Airways, we’re committed to offering you attentive service and personalized options at a fare you can appreciate. Some call it ‘Economy.’ We call it ‘Economy Hybrid’.


Your Flight, Your Choice

When you fly Wataniya we want you to enjoy each mile in your own way. We offer you the essential comforts — and you can add to them as you wish. Whether you’re flying on the basic fare or you’re getting a few premium extras, here’s what every ‘Hybrid’ passenger aboard Wataniya Airways is guaranteed.

Your Bag Flies Free

Did you know that Wataniya Airways does not charge for your first 20 kg of luggage? That’s right! While other low-fare airlines charge for checked luggage, we like to make your comfort our first priority.

Quality Service

When you fly with us, you fly with family. Your relaxation and convenience are the top priority of every Wataniya cabin crew member. From take-off to landing, you’ll be well taken care of.

Comfy Seating

Flying in comfort is what we’re all about at Wataniya — and that starts with our seating accommodations. Rest easily in our lumbar support cushioning with lots of available knee room.

Complimentary Refreshments

We want to make sure that every flight you take with us leaves you refreshed and energized, starting with our complimentary water refreshments. Ask for as much water as you’d like during your flight… It’s on us!

Guaranteed Bin Space

We know you like to keep your things at hand when you fly, so we made sure that every single Wataniya passenger is guaranteed sufficient and equal amounts of overhead bin space aboard the flight.

What Are You Waiting For?

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