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Your Expectations, Elevated

With Wataniya Premium, you’ll rest and recharge between destinations in a spacious cabin where every detail has been carefully considered with you in mind. Luxe seating; complimentary amenities; priority access; and more. It’s everything you want — and more than you imagine.


Luxury Is In The Details

We believe that luxury is never having to ask. That’s why we’ve included all the Wataniya comforts and amenities that you desire in your premium fare. It’s spectacular accommodations, attentive service, and exclusive privileges — with Wataniya Airways as your host.

Bring What You Need… and What You Love!

As a Premium flyer, you have even more room to pack everything you need, plus everything you want. With 40 kg of complimentary checked baggage, you’ll never leave anything behind.

Settle In Sooner

When you fly Premium, you feel taken care of. You’ll be called to board and settle into your seat sooner so you don’t have to worry about long queues or crowded spaces.

Indulge Your Taste Buds

Savor a freshly-made meal of your choice aboard your flight, with complimentary dining. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure your meal is compliant with any health or personal eating restrictions.

Restful Travels

If you’re taking a long flight, you’ll want to remain relaxed and rested. Your Premium cabin seat offers up to 4 more inches of leg-room, fold-out footrest, deeper recline, and adjustable arm and headrests. You’ll arrive feeling better than you left.

Go Above Your Imagination

Book your Wataniya Premium travel experience – Take me away!