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All passengers, including children and infants, must present valid photo identification at the time of check-in. The passengers must ensure that they have valid travel document at all times. Wataniya Airways recommends that passengers report for check-in at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. The passenger’s journey will be smoother if they allow themselves ample time to comply with the check-in timelines.

Check-in closes 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight


In order to maintain schedules, the boarding gate will be closed 20 minutes prior to the departure time. All passengers must be present at the boarding gate not later than the time specified by Wataniya Airways when they check-in or any subsequent announcements made at the airport. Any passenger failing to report at the boarding within the aforesaid timelines shall be treated as a “Gate No Show” and the ticket amount for such Booking shall be forfeited by the Company.