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Your Destinations

Need some inspiration for your next getaway? Look no further. Here are our top picks for your next trip with Wataniya Airways. From long-time favorites, up and coming hotspots, to Europe’s best kept secret. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about your next dream getaway!

Doha – Qatar

The up-and-coming cosmopolitan city and thriving hub for the arts is home to a multicultural environment, majestic hotels, endless shopping, a Corniche that delights passersby with exquisite architecture and sundry cultural centers including Education City, the National Museum and the iconic Museum of Islamic Art. Whether you are flying to Doha on business or leisure, your pleasure will always be guaranteed.

Kathmandu – Nepal

Nestled more than 1,000 meters above sea level, the City of Peace has proven to be the prime destination for those who seek a serene travel experience. With its historic sites, ancient temples, colorful shopping and markets, captivating villages and rich cultural heritage, everyone who visits Nepal knows that once is never enough to get the most out of the spiritual city.


Beirut – Lebanon

Have a magical time at the Paris of the Middle East, Beirut, a city known for its rich history, inspirational art, great shopping and exciting nightlife. Experience more of Lebanon by venturing outside its vibrant capital to discover its natural wonders.


Luxor – Egypt

Known as the world’s largest open air museum containing a third of the planet’s most valuable monuments and antiquities, Luxor is one of the most significant tourism destinations of our time. Discover the capital of the Pharaonic period and visit the world’s most famous temples: The Temples of Luxor and Karnak. Fly your way back in time with Wataniya Airways.


Tbilisi – Georgia

Georgia’s Tbilisi has been a crossroads for centuries of diverse culture that have come through this city to leave an indelible impression. Since the Rose Revolution, Tbilisi has become one of Europe’s fastest growing cities but what sets it apart from other cities in the region is how remarkably safe it is compared to other major cities in the area — which makes it a great choice for both family vacations and solo getaways. Tbilisi is framed by beautiful mountain vistas and the gorgeous Tbilisi Sea, and being the home to more than 100 ethnic groups, you can find literally anything in this city. With its beautiful outdoor cafes and mild, year-round weather Tbilisi will have you thinking you’re in Paris in no time!


Baku – Azerbaijan

If you are thinking of a destination enriched with unique traditions and culture; yet, you would also love to sunbath on the beach or climb high mountains with beautiful views, then Azerbaijan is the answer.
Fly your way with us with low costs to the land of traditions and let this trip be a memorable one.


Sarajevo – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Welcome to Sarajevo, the “Jerusalem of Europe.” Known as one of the Balkans’ most important cultural centers, Sarajevo’s place in European history is unmatched and, unlike other European hotspots, your money goes very far here. Take in innovative architecture like the Bosmal City Center Towers, and get a taste for Sarajevo’s diverse roots in a city teeming with museums and cultural sites like the Sarajevo Tunnel Museums. Sarajevo is Europe’s best kept secret, and now’s the time to discover it!


Najaf – Iraq

An area rich in history, over the years Najaf has been known by a lot of names. Its rich pre-Islamic history has been examined by many historians and archeologists, and they all agree that the area is not to be missed. Fly your way with us and experience one of the world’s oldest and most breathtaking sites, an hour from Kuwait.



It is a small destination with big experiences, from its easily accessible landmarks
to shopping at Middle East’s most unique jewellery bazaar. You can also enjoy the history of Bahrain at Qalat Al Bahrain or feel the incredible thrill of cars and bikes
at the Formula 1 circuit. We’re here to bring the journey to you!


Sohag – Egypt

Your to-do list is infinite at the magnificent Sohag. From exploring Ancient Egyptian ruins and monuments to experiencing the colorful cultural attractions, exciting entertainment options and endless restaurants, Sohag will definitely become your
new favorite holiday destination. Fly your way only with Wataniya Airways.